He was born in 1991 in a mystical family while he was an immigrant in Iran.  he was graduated from the Sultan Ghiasuddin Ghori High School in 2010. He was interested in mystical arts from the age of seven and began learning traditional music from the age of seven. He spent many periods with great professors and then at the
age of fifteen he became acquainted with the world of photography … having studied many periods and books on photography, with the passage of time and the advancement of technology through virtual web pages. he became a small member of National Geographic, the Yourshot webpage. then later by attending to daily, weekly and monthly competitions and the support and advice of the editors, made his work more developed and he got developed. recently some of his shots and photographs, have been selected by National Geographic editors.
Sayed Habib Bidel CV


Photography 90%
Music 90%
Documentary Filmmaker 75%
Web Design 75%
Software Engineering 65%
Painting 50%


  • Bachelor in Computer Science.
  • Bachelor in Management.
  • PHD in Physiologic of Music.